Leeds Trinity & All Saints University signs up to slip test there entire building portfolio as part of there pro-active Health and Safety policy. Karl Smith at Leeds Trinity commented “Compared to the potential costs associated with slip and fall accidents, investing in pendulum slip testing is a cost-effective for us. By identifying and mitigating slip hazards we can avoid costly litigation, medical expenses, and reputational damage”

Managing Director of Zeroslip UK Jonathan Rogers said that “We are delighted that Leeds Trinity have again chosen Zeroslip UK Ltd to perform the slip testing, we hope the continued special business relationship we have with Karl and the Leeds Trinity university site staff, lasts for years to come.”

Pendulum slip testing provides objective measurements of slip resistance, reducing the subjectivity often associated with visual assessments. This objectivity enhances the credibility of the testing process and its results. Pendulum slip testing serves as a valuable tool for assessing and improving the safety of floors and surfaces, contributing to accident prevention and risk management efforts in various environments. Email: info@zeroslipuk.com for more information

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