Anti Slip Treatment

Businesses throughout the UK ask for our help on a daily basis for a solution to prevent slip accidents from happening. Zeroslip have the solutions and expertise to greatly reduce the slip risk on ANY floor surface. Tiled surfaces using; Ceramic, Granite, Porcelain, Quarry and Terrazzo. Zeroslip supply and install our slip-resistant chemical UltraGrip.

The solution works by bonding to the surface of the tile which creates an immediate and effective slip resistance without damaging, etching or altering the appearance of the tile. The increased coefficient of friction gained when surfaces are treated with UltraGrip anti-slip treatment is a proven safety solution.

Before and After Antislip Treatment

How It Works

When surfaces become wet or moist, UltraGrip anti-slip treatment immediately makes those surfaces skid and slip resistant. Surfaces can become wet through rain, liquid spills and splashes, routine cleaning and water tracking from outside. Footware wetted from damp grass can become hazardous when stepping onto tiled surfaces.

UltraGrip anti-slip treatment reacts to the smallest amount of moisture making tiled floor surfaces slip resistant and safe. Zeroslip also treats other floor surfaces such as; Vinyl, Concrete, Stone, Timber / Wood Decking and Metal (such as Fire escapes).

Zeroslip has the solutions for ANY flooring surface that has a potential slip risk. You can find more information in our free to download ‘Ultimate guide to Anti-Slip treatments.

DDA Compliance Treatments

For members of the public who suffer from any disability or impairment the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 (DDA) gives people important rights of access to everyday services. Everyday services include services provided by local councils, shops, hotels, banks, pubs, post offices, theatres, hairdressers, places of worship, courts and voluntary groups such as play groups. Non-educational services provided by schools are also included.

Service providers and employers have an obligation to make reasonable adjustments to premises, or the way they provide a service. An important area will be building management. Considerations include ensuring floors are not slippery, high visibility stair nosings, Tactiles and slip resistant disabled ramp coatings. Zeroslip testing and solutions ensure your establishment is DDA compliant. Download our brochure or contact us for more information.

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