Who are Zeroslip UK Ltd?

Zeroslip UK Ltd is a leading national company that business sectors select first when they have any flooring slip risk and cleaning issues.

Our specially manufactured slip resistance treatments and installations can be applied to any floor surface type that will reduce slip accidents and in-turn eliminate/lower the claims made against you. Our specialist knowledge and experience combined with the best anti-slip treatments and deep cleaning products available ensure that we can significantly reduce the problems associated with slip accidents in both work and public places. Zero Slip UK Ltd offers businesses a ‘One-stop Shop’ solution which includes HSE recognised slip testing carried out to British Standards BS 7976 using one of our portable Pendulum Instruments, the supply of deep cleaning chemicals and apparatus, Anti-slip kits that enable clients an affordable slip resistance solution, specialist deep cleans, free slip risk assessments, chewing gum removal, right through to the distribution and supply and fix of anti-slip safety surfacing coatings. As a company we continue to evolve, making sure that our clients are offered the best possible products and services.

It is the only test preferred by the HSE and is used to discover if there is a high risk of slip and fall accidents on it, either dry and/or (most often) when wet with water or lubricated with other contaminants such as kitchen grease, oil, etc. (90% of slip injuries happen on wet floors) The test results are given in PTV (Pendulum Test Values) a table has been included in the ‘Ultimate Guide To Pendulum Floor Slip Resistance Testing’ to download that explains in more detail how the PTV is interpreted as slip risk. When a pedestrian heel strikes a wet floor a fluid film is created between them, this can cause a slip.

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