HSE Pendulum Slip Resistance Test

Pendulum floor slip resistance testing is the science of measuring the coefficient of friction (COF) of flooring surfaces.

Slip resistance testing is usually desired by the building’s owner or manager when there has been a report of a slip accident or when there has been a report of a near accident. Flooring is tested using a Pendulum Slip Resistance tester Research has confirmed the pendulum to be a reliable and accurate test.

It is the only test preferred by the HSE and is used to discover if there is a high risk for slip and fall accidents on it, either dry and/or (most often) when wet with water or lubricated with other contaminants such as kitchen grease, oil, etc. (90% of slip injuries happen on wet floors) The test results are given in PTV (Pendulum Test Values) a table has been included in the ‘Ultimate Guide To Pendulum Floor Slip Resistance Testing’ to download that explains in more detail how the PTV is interpreted into slip risk. When a pedestrian heel strikes a wet floor a fluid film is created between them, this can cause a slip.

SlipTesting Pendulum Cooper
Pendulum Stage


The Pendulum is placed on the floor being tested and is calibrated to produce a 0 result without an impact.

Pendulum Stage


Once the pendulum has been calibrated, the surface can now be tested for its COF (coefficient of friction). The pendulum swings around making contact as it passes the floor.

Pendulum Stage


The pendulum swings through and produces a result. This process is then repeated multiple times to ensure an accurate result.

This test works in wet conditions because it generates a similar fluid film between the slider and the floor. It can be used to accurately test the slip potential on clean and dry or contaminated floors. Other Slip tests are sometimes used such as ‘Sled Tests’ such as ‘Slip Alert’ and ‘Tortus’ these tests measure a floors surface friction and can only be used if the surface is clean and dry. The HSE recommends that such tests are not used to measure how slippery a wet or contaminated floor is, it has shown that under these conditions these type of tests may show inaccurate and misleading results in these conditions.

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