Aqua-grip - Anti slip kit

The specially formulated and easy-to-apply non-slip treatment instantly creates safety in showers and baths, It’s hygienic, low maintenance, solvent free, environmentally friendly, colourless, durable but easily removable if required and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

We’ve all slipped over or had a near miss in the shower or bath at some stage, for the elderly the consequences can be catastrophic, for commercial customers such as hotel groups it is essential that their guests remain safe during their stay.

Hotels, Residential care home groups have a duty of care to ensure the safety of their guests. In an increasingly litigious world, our product offers a cost-effective option to avoid claims being made from people willing to seek damages as a result of an accident that can so easily be avoided.

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ULTRA 200 - Highly Effective Hard Surface Cleaner

Where to use
ULTRA200 is a high quality general purpose cleaner degreaser recommended for use in many industries including painting, road transport, construction, boat yards, aircraft, rail, motor manufacturing outlets and printing & packaging.

How to use
ULTRA200 can be diluted up to 20 parts to 1 with hot or cold water depending on the degree of dirt encountered. Simply mix to the desired concentration and mop or brush the area before rinsing off with clean water then mop dry.

ULTRA200 removes all types of dirt including oil, grease, carbon, wax, inks, dyes and nicotine from all surfaces. It does not leave an oily film and is strongly recommended for use prior to painting.

  • Packaging  ULTRA200 comes in 1, 5, 25, 210 and 1000 litre sizes.

  • Cost: £3.99+vat per Litre (£79.80+vat for 20L)

ULTRA SHOWERWASH - Shower and Washroom Cleaner

Where to use
ULTRA SHOWERWASH removes body fats, soaps, scale, algae, rust, copper stains and other contamination from tiles, showers and washroom areas.

How to use
ULTRA SHOWERWASH can be diluted up to 200-1 then simply poured, sprayed or washed onto washroom areas.

ULTRA SHOWERWASH is non-caustic and non-toxic, safe on stainless steel surfaces and cleans toilets, ceramic urinals, floors etc.

  • Packaging  ULTRA SHOWERWASH comes in 1, 5, 25, 210 and 1000 litre sizes.

  • Cost: £5.00+vat per Litre (£100.00+vat for 20L)


Where to use
MRSA CLEANER is an effective bactericidal multi-purpose cleaner. The bactericides present are effective against both gram positive and gram negative organisms. Recommended for cleaning and sanitising floors, walls, catering equipment, machines etc.

How to use
MRSA CLEANER is applied by spray, mop, swab or sponge. Dilute with hot or cold water accordingly. The recommended dilution up to 10 parts water.

MRSA CLEANER is specially formulated to clean quickly and safely without using heavily caustic solutions which will dull the paint work

  • Packaging MRSA CLEANER comes in 1, 5, 25, 210 and 1000 litre sizes.

  • Cost: £6.00+vat per Litre (£120.00+vat for 20L)


Where to use
ULTRABREAK can be used to clean tools, vehicles, degreasing in parts washers, train buffers, bogies, engines and Chassis etc.

How to use
ULTRABREAK can be used neat as supplied or diluted up to 20-1 with water, or as an emulsion in water depending on application. Can also be used in parts washers.

ULTRABREAK is formulated from non-toxic detergents. It is neutral, non-corrosive and doesn’t give off any noxious fumes.

ULTRABREAK is designed to split into a separate oil phase when mixed with water.

  • Packaging ULTRABREAK comes in 1, 5, 25, 210 and 1000 litre sizes.

  • Cost: £6.50+vat per Litre (£130.00+vat for 20L)
Zeroslip - DIY Collection

Zeroslip Slip resistance DIY Kits

Our Slip resistance kits come in 2 sizes 50m2 & 100m2.  Our quick and easy Anti-Slip tile kits are the answer to the serious problem of slippery tiles which can result in accidents and compensation claims. The kits contain all you need to clean, prepare and finish your floor from start to finish. The clear anti slip maintains the tile’s appearance and remains slip resistant for a period of up to 4 years depending on footfall and cleaning maintenance. Kits come with full instructions, methodology and COSHH sheets. Once applied the floor is safe to walk on once the tiles have been rinsed and allowed to dry, usually around 20 mins after application.

  • The 50m2 coverage Anti-slip kit are priced at £199.99+Vat (Includes free delivery) Limited to 2 per customer

  • The 100m2 coverage Anti-slip kit are priced at £399.99 (Includes free delivery) Limited to 1 per customer

Please note that the coverage are approximations. This depends on the density and substrate of the tile that’s being treated.
Under normal conditions 50m2 and 100m2 coverages are achieved.

ZeroSlip - UltraClean

Zeroslip Ultraclean Deep Cleaner

Ultraclean is the modern effective way of removing; Limescale, Uric acid build up, Calcium and Body fats from vitreous enamel, all tiles and terrazzo surfaces. Ultraclean will deep clean, disinfect, descale and re-odorise sanitary appliances, tiled floors and walls. Ultraclean is the ideal solution for swimming pool surrounds, saunas, changing areas, toilets, showers etc. Suitable for dilution up to 3-1 for cleaning floors & Walls.

  • Ultraclean is supplied in 20Ltr boxes priced at £99.98+Vat (Includes free delivery)

Ultra Daily ZeroSlip - UltraClean

Zeroslip Ultrawash Daily / Maintainer General Purpose Cleaner

This product is a blend of selected alkali builders and surfactants together with a powerful anti-foam which makes it ideal for use with a scrubber dryer. This versatile cleaner can be used to clean almost all hard surfaces, including, walls, floors, paint-work etc. Its degreasing properties means it is ideal for kitchens, restaurants, canteens etc. Suitable for dilution up to 40-1 depending on the severity of the soiling.

  • Ultrawash is supplied in 20Ltr boxes priced at £79.99+Vat (Includes Free Delivery)

iVo-Group - Logo
IVO - OrbiMax55

Ivo OrbiMax

OrbiMax Range brings heavy duty power into your hands!  Serious cleaning power for any type of flooring surface.  With up to 120kg of head weight, the OrbiMax ,machines are extremely powerful for deep cleaning, restoring and stripping of many flooring types. Whether you’re stripping vinyl floors, removing limescale from tiles, restoring natural stone to a shine, or just needing a really deep clean, the OrbiMax does it all.

Available with extra weights, a water tank and a huge variety of pad options, the versatility of these machines will amaze you.  Ask for a demo today to solve your serious cleaning issues.

  • OrbiMax is priced at 3999.00 + VAT  (Includes Free Delivery)

IVO - SprayMax30

Ivo Spray Max 30

The Spray Max 30 is a powerful mobile sprayer with lithium battery technology. Perfect for Pre-spraying, Landscaping and the Catering and food industry.Robust construction with a huge 30 litre capacity. 2 Speeds and upto 3.5 litres per minute in use. Pre-Spraying Carpet Treatment Landscaping Transportation Catering and Food Hygiene and Disinfect

  • £259.00+vat complete with 1 battery

  • £299.00+vat complete with 2 batteries


Ivo Power Brush

Power Brush is one of those products that you wish you’d found ages ago!  Just imagine how much hand scrubbing you could have saved with one of these battery powered brush tool kits! Available in 3 different kit options, plus a large variety of attachments, no-one questions the versatility of the iVo Power Brush.

  • Power Brush Light Kit £65.00 + VAT (Includes Free Delivery)

  • Power Brush Standard Kit £98.00 + VAT (Includes Free Delivery)

  • Power Brush Contractor Kit £147.00 + VAT (Includes Free Delivery)

Ivo Power Brush XL

Power Brush XL is the big daddy of our really popular Power Brush.  It is a powerful yet lightweight scrubbing tool that can be used for a huge variety of scrubbing tasks. The XL is a compact unit, with the removable, rechargeable battery located in the handle.  The battery can be easily removed for charging, and spare batteries are available for continuous cleaning capability.  With an adjustable head, and a twistable and extendable handle, the Power Brush XL can get into any angle or position for powerful cleaning, even below your feet or above your head!

  • Power Brush XL is priced at £279.00 (Includes Free Delivery)

IVO - OrbiPro

Ivo OrbiPro

The OrbiPro is the first high powered cordless orbital tool.  The orbital technology is very powerful, and means the OrbiPro can be used for a huge variety of tasks, including scrubbing, car polishing, sanding, stairs cleaning, altro floor cleaning and dry carpet encapsulation cleaning.

The OrbiPro runs from a rechargeable battery which has an average runtime of 2 hours, and a charge time of 1.5 hours.  With a variable orbital speed from 1300 to 3800rpm, this tool is incredibly versatile and can be used for a very wide variety of applications

  • The Orbipro is priced at £379.00 + VAT (Includes Free Delivery)

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